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After having a few house fires in my wife's family, I've found that one of the most missed treasures are photos. I started thinking about how to save my photos. Making duplicates of all photos and keeping them off site was cost prohibitive. I then purchased a scanner for other projects. This tool allowed me to digitize all of my photos, which could easily be placed in a safe or off-site. I digitized every photo I could find.

You will find links above that will take you to the various indexes. The alphabetical search lists each person, by last name, and how many photos that that person can be found in. The date search has all of the photos in straight date order from oldest to newest. Photos without dates are first (start at zero). The event search is a list of all the events that have photos. Once you choose an event, you will see only photos for that event.

If a date was written on the photo I recorded it. If the processing date was there, I used that. (If there was a month and year, the date is the first of that month. If there was only a year, it is the first of that year.)

All people in the pictures are listed left-to-right in nose order, unless noted. If one person is behind another, which ever nose is on the left will be listed first. If I did not know a persons name at all, they were labeled as "Unknown". If I knew the first name and not the last, they were marked as "Joe Unknown". If I knew the last name and not the first it was marked as "Unknown Rivord". All people listed are by maiden name (when I know it). This matches the genealogy information which is also included. If there are no people in the photo, the person name is "~NA". If there is a person that I am not interested in tracking, the person name is "~Z".

Most of the photos are different sizes. When I scan a photo I can make it any shape I want, not just the actual photo size. Because of this, I was able to "crop" the photos down to the important parts.


I know the information in this album is not totally correct. (It will probably never be!) If you find any errors or have any information I do not have, please send me an email with the corrected information.

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Rivard Coat Of Arms Genealogy Research

I started doing family research many years ago. I have only done it on-and-off over the years. I have traced the Rivord name back to 1560 or so. Above is the Rivard family crest. If you have any information or would like anything, please let me know.

James P. Rivord
Watertown, MN 55388-9268